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I can't stand Jake. He's has absolutely no sportsmanship.

Sad to see Cliff go, I was rooting for him. Definitely a good shot.
Definitely hated to see Cliff go. I knew he was going to be nominated when I first saw him try to shoot the recurve. Instinctive shooting takes practice and consistency, especially to hit a moving target. Extremely steep learning curve for a recurve virgin, and even worse for someone who has no archery experience at all. To be competitive in a matter of hours is a tall order. I really was hoping he'd stick around though.

I guess my two picks for finals would be Gary from the red team and Dustin from the blue team.

I just hope anyone other than that big ol' (what's the succinct way to say "baby that is yet to be weaned?") wins. I laughed when he was comparing himself to Atilla the Hun.

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