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Steel Plate Matches With .22's - Video

Below is a short video from an indoor .22 steel plate match that was taken last week. My indoor .22 club has been sponsoring them for a few years now. We dedicate our weekly Friday match to .22 pistol, rifle, and revolver nights, with a practice night added in to shoot with any gun that fires .22LR.
It's been a boone for the club because we were primarily a .22 bullseye pistol club, but since that has been on the decline lately we developed this new activity. We have gained some new members due to it and a lot more people have discovered that our club exists.
A lot of folks have bought new guns and have learned how to shoot their old guns combat style, and at a lot faster pace and with more proficiency than they ever use to.
It's a fun activity for folks of all ages and both genders. We have at least 3 classes of shooters, and if someone wins their class twice then they must move up to a higher class.
And the relatively low cost of .22 ammo makes the activity that much more attractive verses shooting center fire.
There's additional info. located in the video description.

Shooting Steel Plates With .22 Pistols
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