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Aim and eye sight

Hi guys,
1st time caller, long time listener.
(I was actually going to make my 1st post re:guns but decided against it; after all-who DOESN'T make their 1st post here about gun(s)?)

Wanted to ask you this:
So we're told/teaught to aim with both eyes open, then to aim with out "dominant" eye...
Now, MOST EVERYONE who is right handed is also right eye dominant - or so the say.
It turns out I am: right handed, left leg'ed (if that's a word), and LEFT eye dominant.

My Q to you is....what do I do??
I'm trying to learn the proper aim/fire techs, and want to learn to improve on the correct techniques, but all the info I ran across thus far claims that "most people" do "this or that."
Where do I fit in?
Anyone else in similar situation?

So far I aim with my RIFHT eye, primarily. Now, having learned the "truth" I'm willing to aim with left,but dont know how to do it right.
Thank you.

If this is in the wrong section-by all means, move it.

In case any1 questions my nickname (not th e1st time this has come up)'s not what you think.

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