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Not sure if this post is still being looked at since it was January when it was last updated. But in the interest of helping someone out who may be interested, I finally got around to working a load for my Vortek. Settled on 30 grn of Triple 7 with a 225 grn Barnes XPB. Turned out to be the most accurate. It may not put a bullet clear through the deer but I only plan on using the gun as backup to my muzzle loading rifle so it should work. The one thing I discovered was regular .50 cal bullets do not seem to work well in this pistol. I tried three different bullet types in the heavier grn range (usually used in rifles) switching back and forth between Pyrodex pistol and Triple 7, and could not find a good powder/bullet combo that would work. I also tried heavier sabot bullets made of lead. I have to admit I'm something of a fanatic when dealing with accuracy. If I can't get a load to consistently shoot within the bulls eye area of a target at a reasonable range I move on. Finally went back to the lighter copper bullet with a sabot and it appears that is what this pistol likes. Hopefully the above helps anyone out there looking into one these pistols but keep in mind you may find something better than I did. Disclaimer aside, I really like the design. Very easy to field clean when out target shooting and not overly front heavy despite how they look. Due to their length (similar to a TC contender) use a shoulder holster. In fact I'm using my old TC Contender holster for mine.
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