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TDI or Bust

Alright guys and gals. This Thursday I am departing on my 3-day Tactical Handgun training weekend at the Tactical Defense Institute in Ohio.

Here is a list of what I am bringing with me:

Safety Gear
Glock 19- 2K rounds of ammunition
Wather P22- 1k Rounds of ammunition
3 mags for each handgun
Water Bottle
Rain Gear
Gunsmithing Tools

Is there anyone who has trained at TDI, taught similar courses, or taken other training elsewhere that would like to empart some wisdom, suggest items to bring, or give some general advice to help me to get the most possible out of this weekend? FYI, I am not taking this course to qualify for anything. I currently own and operate my weapons and have been carrying for years.

Thanks in advance!
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