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I watch the show simply for the comedy. Like the owner putting his scary daughter into a skimpy dress at a gun show then telling one of his knucklehead employees he couldn't "fraternize" with her. The most comedic part of that is that the daughter is...well...let's just say she will never be a supermodel. Then there's the absurdity of a custom-milled shoulder stock for a Desert Eagle. Did the thought never occur to them to just tell her to buy a cheap carbine chambered in whatever that DE was chambered in? How much did that shoulder stock cost plus all the taxes the customer would have had to pay? Absurd. But as comedy, highly amusing.

Oh, and for the OP, it's probably not the guys with their hides covered with artistically done, multicolored tattoos obviously done in a parlor costing many thousands of dollars you should be worrying about. It's the guys with crappy black prison tats should be of most concern to you.
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