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Also I recommend just puttin the mold in a boiling pot of water for 10 min. to get all the machining lube from the pores of the aluminum . well most of it anyways .
The above WITH some dawn or other dishwashing soap.

Also, start with the two cavities nearest the hinge bolt for the sprue plate. Cast those a couple of times, then go to 3 a couple more, then to 4-5-6. If your mold is not up to casting temp, pouring all 6 cavities may result in breaking the cam lever of the sprue cutter when trying to shear all 6 at once, ask me how I know!?

Now, It wasn't me, I borrowed the mold to a buddy, he didn't know it would do that. Lee replaced the cam lever, in fact they sent me 2 of them.

Be real careful with using a propane flame on an aluminum mold. You could easily melt the al.
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