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With so many decent suppliers manufacturing AR15 parts I feel the deviation/difference in the quality between them has gotten so small that it's nearly indiscernible. That being said I feel there are a few things if you're building a carbine that don't cost an arm and a leg that for the small price difference can actually make a difference:
Hammer forged barrel (chrome lined)
Quality trigger group as it changes the feel of the gun (Rock River two stage is reasonably priced)
Bolt made from Carpenter's Steel #156
Any free float tube

Things I personally prefer:
Commercial buffer tube
NiB Plated Bolt and FA cut Carrier
EOtech sight - XPS1, 512, 511, whatever
Spikes Tactical H2 Carbine Buffer - very smooth and quiet
3 Point sling
Smooth free float tube
Troy forward vertical grip

My first M4'ish carbine was built by Fulton Armory (the M14/M1 experts). They suggested a mid contour barrel in 1/9, flip up YHM forward gas block/sites and a smooth YHM free float tube. I was hesitant at first about the 1/9 versus a 1/7.
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