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I still remember being issued the M16A1 when I was in basic training then we got the M16A2s.

You can spend whatever you want and still end up with a decent M4 style rifle.

My First was a Colt Match H Bar back before the 1994 ban. I sold it to a friend who wanted one. I had not been doing to much shooting at the time.

I had an Olympic Arms with the heavy 20 inch stainless barrel I purchased next. I had a Leupold AR scope and a reflex sight combo mounted on it. My friend now owns it and loves it. I had purchased a lighter DoubleStar a while back for $560.00 and the thing pretty much digests everything I shoot through it and is accurate. I did have to put a extractor upgrade on it though. Cost me $11.00 and it hasn't had a malfunction since then even on steel case ammo. I have an EoTech mounted on this one

My next to last purchase was a CMMG Lower/ Spike Tactical Upper for about $775 and it pretty much digests everything I put through it and it is accurate also. Mounted a Burris XTS 135 on this one.

On Saturday I purchased another Spike Tactical Upper and Lower for $874.00. I Did not have a chance to shoot it due to an injury. It is going to get shot this coming weekend.

So far all these AR-15s have gone bang every time I pulled the trigger and they put the bullets on target. Now they don't shoot super tight one hole groups but some of that is probably me.

The Colt H Bar Match was probably the pinnacle of accuracy as a friend and I used to go out to the 600 yard matches and shoot em for grins an giggles.

Those rifles have met my expectations. I am pretty sure the third one will also. Not to mention that the Spike Tacticals have lifetime warranties.

That said define what you want in an AR-15 and go from there.

I am sure that the Colt, Daniel Defense, BCM, LMT, LaRue and the other brands would be as good or better. Then there are some that are probably not as good and worse. I foresee a BCM in the future as my next purchase. Somewhere down the line some of the other brands. AR 15s have become like Lays potato chips to me can't seem to just eat

I am still stuck on direct impingment AR 15s as the ones I have owned have alwasy functioned. Us old farts are kinda stubborn about Doesn't mean I may not get the itch in the future.

All I will say is whether you decide to build one or buy one you have your work cut out for you because there are a lot of good ones to choose from. There are also a lot of good parts to choose from also. Its almost mind boggling to see the see the choices available.
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