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He answered .260 after you mentioned that .260 was better for hunting, 6.5 for competition, leading me to assume that he prefers hunting.

.260 has more loads available for that (heck, I just stocked up on a Cabelas sale of Remington 140gr Core-Lokts for $20.99)

Also, that .260 Cor-Bon match load is available for around $32 online, and even at my LGS, + it is loaded with Lapua brass, which he can sell after he shoots.
I understand, just that there were a number of responses proclaiming the popularity of the 260 Rem as a match round. Heck, I found 6.5 Creedmoor for just under 23 bucks a box on sale, still about 9 bucks a box cheaper than the 260 Rem ammo from Corbon. While Hornady might not have the same reputation as Lapua for quality brass, I've never heard anyone complain.

The 260 Rem started out as a hunting round (hence the plethora of hunting loads) and migrated to a match round. The 6.5 Hornady started out as a match round, and I don't think there are any hunting loads for it yet.

I guess I should have been more specific and listed out the reasoning behind recommending 6.5 for matches for a non-reloader and the 260 Rem for hunting for a non-reloader (although if you have a good rifle and don't mind paying the premium it can shoot matches all day long). But my answer still stays the same based on ammo prices.

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