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TKM, I was looking for a gun to replace my R-1100-Trap for ATA events. It was limiting my progress. The specific gun I wanted was a trap combo. Another Perazzi was out of the question, to maintain domestic tranquility, since I'd just bought another back-up P-gun for NSSA events. I got the Beretta over the Browning for the same basic reasons I selected Perazzis for Skeet: swing dynamics and the trigger. Also the Brownings, like my previous Japanese O/Us had cheap-looking high gloss finishes where the Beretta had matte/satin finishes. Glossy finishes may impress your friends shooting M-500s and R-870s; but, lose one comp target, because of glare, and you'll appreciate the subdued finishes.

I wasn't concerned with the actual size of the stock, since it was to be custom fit; but, the Browning stocks were too narrow from the get-go.

IMHO, our buddy, BigJim may be oversimplifying with his, "the differences in list price at $ 2,630 for 625 field lightning at $ 1,990 are all about cosmetics ( grade I's vs grade III's or IV's / engraving on the receiver / finish on receiver / style of ribs / style of forend ...etc).."
Items like rib styles and forend shapes are a lot more than cosmetic since they alter a gun's behavior.
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