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There are examples of PoWs being sent to the rear without first having been disarmed.

After Richmond was evacuated, Libby Prison was converted to a prison for Confederates. One Confederate Capt. Richard Turner imprisoned there was once the second in command at Libby. Capt. Turner was placed into a cellar cell. Having been second in command, Turner was aware that there had been a previous escape where a Yankee officer removed an iron bar and slipped out into the street. Lacking resources, the Confederates didn't have the iron (or stone mason) so they simply got a wood stick, painted white to match the iron bars and installed it where the iron bar was. Turner took advantage of this and removed the wood bar and slipped out. He was free for a month and hiding with his family when the soldiers came for him. His daughter convinced him not to fight and he surrendered himself. Turner was paroled on June 18, 1866.
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