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Best 9mm - CZ 75D Compact or P01 - NATO approved, check this forum for tests it had to go thru to meet the approval. Impressive to say the least. Fits your hand like it was made for it. 1911 9mm - check the new Rock Island High Capacity - my Rock Island 1911 9mm Tactical has been flawless and for the money there is not any other 1911 9mm that can beat it. Yes you can spend more but i'm just not sure it would be worth it. I would tell you to look into the Rock Island 1911 9mm Tactical but you stated you want more ammo capacity. Also, I have to second the Ruger P series. I once owned a P89 and it would shoot anything you would put in it and the recoil was sweet. My dad owned a S&W 5906, I got to shoot it a couple of times before he parted with it. Some feel this is one of the best 9mm's of all time. And since they are somewhat an older pistol they can be bought cheap. CDNN investments sell them for $300 but I'm not sure of the condition. Even in very good condition they are under $400. Can't offer anything on rifles. Good Luck.
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