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First time I had to shoot left handed caught me by surprise. My first PPC match and I had no idea what to expect. It was awkward but I was lucky that day and didn't embarrass myself. Since then every session has included at least 2 cylinders or two magazines of weak hand shooting just to keep it familiar. I had what could be considered a lucky break, I broke my right arm twice in one year while I was teaching marksmanship and training for the All Army competition. Instead of not shooting for that period of time I prevailed on other people who graciously loaded my guns or magazines for me and I shot left handed. By the time I lost my cast and was able to go back to strong hand I was nearly as good with it as I was with weak arm.

No special technique needed for my eyes, I could use either, the big thing was just getting used to it. Only time, dry firing and live firing will do that for you. There is no magic to it. It's like eating or having to write with weak hand after our strong arm has been injured. By the time you get rid of the cast it seems almost normal.
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