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I like the 6.5s, too. I have two 6.5x55s and a Grendel. I am going to get another, and have been vacillating between 260 and Creedmoor, in a Savage Weather Warrior, primarily for hunting. I am totally frustrated about which to choose. I was leaning toward the Creedmoor, but am now leaning the other way, due to some of the comments here and on other forums, i.e., ammo availability, staying-power of the round, etc. Can anyone guide me here? I do not reload, and I've seen more ammo available for the 260 than the CM, but I may also want to get a 6.5 upper for one of my AR-10 platforms, and was leaning toward the CM because of it working better in that platform, and because it has been said that the 260 is too long for the magazines with heavier bullets.

Any help with my decision will be greatly appreciated.
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