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Another wondereful experience with RCBS customer support

I've been using an almost ancient RCBS Rockchucker Jr. press for many years. I bought it used way back and it's always been good but some bits were missing. What the hell, I got it cheap...

I've never missed the primer feeder and loading primers one at a time doesn't bother me. On the other hand the catcher tray for spent primers is another story. I decided enough was enough and I was either going to find a primer catcher tray or buy a new press.

After seeing what used primer catchers were going for on fleabay, I figured contacting RCBS couldn't hurt. I suspected that they were long obsolete and they would tell me to buy a new press like I was thinking all along.

Not only do they have them, they're sending me one for free. This has to be about as close to perfection as customer service can possibly get...

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