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Gentlemen, I never meant to imply that a college degree would automatically make you an officer,,,
But it is a requirement that more often than not is all a person must have to be eligible for a commission.

There are other hurdles but they are minor in comparison.

I realize that civilians must apply to OCS through the Army Recruiting Command,,,
But (according to this source) they accept about 60% of the civilian applicants.

I spent 8 years active duty and then 9 years working with and for the military,,,
Not all commissioned officers are leaders that I would want to follow.

Just because one makes it through OCS doesn't endow that person with leadership abilities any more than graduating Med School makes one a competent physician.

I would like to think that our Armed Forces are more selective than they were in my era of service,,,
But the reality remains that a 4-year college degree is the main hurdle.

Now, back to discussing the Top Shot contestants.

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