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Horizontal pattern is usually shooter issues; trigger pull mostly, maybe cheekweld or not holding hard.
I tried to rule that out too.
The old scope has nasty parallex, and is mounted high, its almost unshootable without a comb raising pad. I added a Beartooth comb raisign kit a long time ago and am very contientious about getting the same cheekweld every time.

Good luke finding an accuracy load with the Corelokts. I've had good luck with them in 8x57. They may not be sexy but they shot plenty tight for a milsurp Mauser.
I've had them shoot really well out of other swede mausers, with lighter loads, but this one simply doesn't like them for some reason.

I don't like forend pressure but if your rifle does I'd stay with it. Have read a bit about varying forend pressure but so far haven't had to try it.
Most old military rifles have pressure bedded foreends to some extent or another. If it were a new remington, I'd freefloat it in a heartbeat, but I'm not going to alter it.

Think barrel whip and the vibration modes (and nodes) that each particular load generates. When you visuaize things this way you realize that one vibration mode may have a null at a potential stock/bedding interferance point, while the other load may generate max deflection at that same point. Bingo, then have stock interaction.
I guess that makes sense. As others said, I guess I have to experiment with seating depth/loads.
I really hope to get the corelokts to shoot well, the 6.5mm Sierra bullets aren't cheap
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