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TC Venture - Barrel, safety, etc. problems

I bought a Thompson Center Venture about a month ago. After I got it home, I went to clean it before heading to the range, and while looking at the 5R riffling they brag about, I noticed that the barrel was discolored and had rough spots. I called TC and they told me to send it back to them.

Three weeks later (after having to borrow a rifle for the hunting trip I bought the rifle for), I got the rifle back with a broken trigger guard, and it looked like they had just gone at the barrel with some lapping compound (it was all over the stock). So I guess I now have a half worn out barrel. I called TC again and they said they are sending me a replacement stock.

After getting off the phone with them, I noticed that the safety is now almost unusable it is so stiff, and the bolt is extremely stiff as well (I went back by the shop and compared it the Ventures on their shelf).

So, they want me to send it back to them again and will not just trade me for a new rifle, is it worth it? Do you think I will just get it back with more broken parts? Anybody else bought such a worthless rifle from TC?
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