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weird horizontal stringing

I was doing some load development for a Swedish M41B awhile back and ran into a probllem that's been nagging in the back of my mind since.

I started out with simply trying to rezero my scope after having it zeroed for cast loads for several years.

I used the load I've always been using for jacketd bullets- 140gr SMKs/46.3gr RL-22/Fed 210 primers/ Winchester brass. I substituted some 140gr SGKs for the SMKs at first to get on paper, and found that at 200 yards they actually shot better...hmmm.
The load shot really good, I was getting 5 shot groups under 1.5" at 200 yards with some groups at 1.25". (which considering from a 110 year old rifle with a 70 year old 4x scope mounted on it, I'm absolutely giddy-happy with).

The next time out, I tried to work up a milder load using bulk 140 gr corelokts since I have about 800 or so of those left. I started at 42gr and worked up to 45 gr, and noticed pronounced horizontal stringing- the groups had a height of about 1-1.5" and a horizontal length of 6" or more at 200 yards.
I figured that something was wrong with the bedding, nope, fired my accuracy load and it grouped tight again, wind wasn't a factor as there was no wind that day, and the range has very little wind on most days due to the surroundign woods and high berms.

I always thought that horizontal stringing was caused by wind and possibly bedding problems (this rifle is slightly pressure bedded at the foreend like other swedish mausers), while vertical stringing is due to changes in pressure? I do get some vertical stringing when the barrel gets hot- I usually get about 10 shots before I have to let the barrel cool down.

I'm confounded.

I gave up on trying to make a load with the rem bullets on this rifle, but I might try again later.

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