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Glenn E. Meyer
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I support, of course, reasonable efforts to save your life and using improvised weapons.

I fear though that such emphasis weakens the case for campus carry as there are DVDs, etc. full of such.

A planned shooter as compared to a random, irrational person can choose a venue that minimizes such.

I did a little experiment with the flying laptop of death. Two conclusions - you can't throw it that far. Next, in the time it takes to close it, and assume a reasonable throwing posture - a shooter can get off about 7 aimed shots. One will be you when you stand up.

Thus, we should push for carry and training for intensive incidents. Yeah, maybe in the moment - your group will become the 300. Better to have carry.

Yes, it worked in tight spaces with nuts who get into melee distances. Guns are needed for those who are not so irrational.
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