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Hey Don, Just because you can shoot a 45 in ESP or SSP doesn't mean, based on the gamer rulebook, you should. Your 45 will put you at a competitive disadvantage in any division shooting 9mm. The lowest power factor I can get out of my 45 handloaded <...light loads...> is about 145K.
For a new shooter to competition the extra rounds may be helpfully at his/hers first match. Personally I do not care how many shooters may be in the same division as I am. I am competing against myself and could not care less what another shooter has for equipment, caliber, advantage, disadvantage wise.

Nine times out of ten, I am shooting for fun and score.
My point exactly.

From XLtac.

Your XD will need to be shot in the CDP division
Isn't this telling the OP "what to do"?

From Jim
You are right. I don't care what somebody says I SHOULD do

From XLtac

I don't care what somebody says I should do either which is why,
I'll close just saying I was offering a suggestion as to a division. It seems that Xltac took offense to my disagreeing with his statement as to division. My point was the OP was not limited to CDP as the above quote would lead one to believe. I'll also add that if a "new" shooter is going to a match intending to compete against all the shooters in class then that "new" shooter may very well be going home very disappointed in said performance.

I am curious as to why a shooter in ESP using 45 acp is at a disadvantage to the folks shooting 9 mm. Hits are hits as well as points down and penalties.

CDP on their scoresheet since ESP will be full of 9mm guys running add-on magwells and equal to or lighter than steel guiderods while they sandbag their classification so they can win a plaque in their next sanctioned match.
Excellent reason for a failure to do right penalty and if I am MD good possibility of a DQ. Anyone doing the above quote is useless and worthless because the only way they can win is to CHEAT. Wouldn't it be lovely for someone to complain and have the susspected gun inspected and gun and shooter tossed from the match for rule violations
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