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Thanks DNS, great link. I guess that article gives the odds on success in this situation. Not good.
Actually, most of the other articles show very good odds for success. The same can be said for CCW self defense as well. CCW folks get killed on occasion as well.

You don't always need equal force to be successful. Going up against an active shooter is inherently risky whether you are armed or not.

Thank you for a thought-provoking thread. I've actually given this some thought, especially after the Tacoma Mall incident.
Great example of a CCW guy at Tacoma mall, Brandan "Dan" McKown, one of at least two who did not stop the shooter. Having a gun didn't help Danny-boy one bit because his tactics sucked. He is one example where an armed CCW person might have just been better of trying to rush the shooter across the mall. He stated that he carried a gun to protect others in just such an incident and when the time came, he didn't know what to do and got shot multiple times as a result.
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