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Free shot timer apps for IPhone / Android

SureFire ShotTimer app for Iphone -

The SureFire ShotTimer displays the elapsed time and the split time for every shot fired, and even allows you to email results for later analysis. Using the start delay option, you can easily train alone or enable the Par Time mode and try to beat the clock.

- Uses iPhone's built-in speaker & mic, earbuds, or a wired headset.
- Results are displayed on one screen, no need to scroll to get your times.
- Email your results for later review, or to establish a training record.
- Par Time mode pits you against the clock and enhances dry-fire training.
- Hold iPhone like a traditional shooting timer or use the start delay mode and place the iPhone in your phone holster, shirt pocket, or shooting bench during use.

Shot Timer app for Android -

Competition style shot activated timer. Unlike the other shot timer apps out there, this will not double count your shots. This has been thoroughly tested and is MUCH better than what is currently out there.

- Ability to calibrate the sound engine for your gun by firing a test shot.
- Ability to adjust the calibration manually
- Save your modified sound threshold to a file, so you can load that setting up at a later date.
- Option to delay the start timer
- Toggle Display. Show all shots, or just your most recent.
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