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Double Naught Spy,

Thank you for a thought-provoking thread. I've actually given this some thought, especially after the Tacoma Mall incident. Here's this humble pilgrim's take. I'm no warrior, no "operator," just an average guy. But I do know that confronted with this situation, I'm looking for an opportunity to rush the shooter. I played rugby here in the states for twenty years. So, I also know how to tackle.

Assuming I'm alone and not responsible for loved ones, I'm going after that bastard, and I'm going to try to break his spine (which won't happen, but hey, you have to have a target!). Once down, I'm going to dash his brains out on the floor. That failing, I'm going to gouge his eyes out and beat him until he desists. Or I'll die or be maimed. There are worse things than that.

Bob James
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