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The problem is simply not practising with the so-called weak hand.

While ago I gave up having a weak hand. Yes I'm right handed but I can shoot left handed also.


I simply got a .22 and started shooting left hand. Slow fire first.

Then I got a couple of dummy guns, all metal, that match my Glock 26 and J .38. I then started drawing and going through the same motions I do with my right side. Even got left handed holsters and mag pouches.

Did everything I'd do with the right side. Two handed shooting, one handed, hip shooting, draws from under t-shirt, etc...

At first it was awkward, but later I got used to using the left as well as the right.

I'm still a bit faster with my right side, but I'm more accurate slow fire with the left side now.

But I can go to any IDPA match and not look bad at all left handed.

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