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.308 Lapua Lock Base Ammunition

I know this is an old thread, but wanted to add my 2 cents.

I'm fairly new to long range shooting and have been trying a variety of factory loads in my blue printed Remington 700 with an Obermeyer 5r barrel. Last weekend I tried out a 20 round box of the Lapua .308 load with the 170 grain lock base bullet and was pleasently surprised. While there was noticably more recoil than the 155 scenar factory load, almost all my three shot groups had two holes touching at 100 yards (10 mph wind from the SE) with one group being .356". I wound up shooting the last five rounds into a .440" group with three shots going into one ragged hole. All groups shot with a Harris bipod off a bench.

The lockbase is an interesting design, solid lead inside the jacket with a unique "nipple" base. Sure, my testing wasn't rigorous, but I intend to buy more to try at longer distances. Certainly a bullet worth considering and worthy of discussion.
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