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Think I touched a nerve.
Not at all. Just explaining myself since you choose to bring the subject up.

For me, I'm not hunting deer that have been on feeders.
To each his own. But do not believe the TV shows where you see huge bucks at feeders in daylight hours. Most of those shows are shot in glorified pens with pen raised semi domesticated deer. We have fed deer on our land for 15 years and kept game cameras out for most of that time. In all those years I have perhaps two pictures of a mature buck visiting a feeder in daylight hours. The purpose of the supplemental feeding is one, to try and keep the deer pulled to the center of our land because we are surrounded by "if it's brown it's down" folks. And two, the pellets we feed in addition to the corn have really helped the average horn size of our deer. Many people who see the deer on my walls do not believe they were killed in our region of Alabama. But trust me, the mature bucks on our land are just as tough to get a glimpse of as any in the state.

Good luck to you and yours.
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