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I am not sure what Howard is doing, but he doesn't sound like the hapless victim gun store owner strong-armed into compliance with BATFE.

He sounds like a conspiritor. "Hopefully this thing will subside" Really? Howard just want the death of Agent Terry to go away?

What's his problem with Sen Grassley? A Senator who's trying to find out the truth behind the death of a Federal Agent and gross incompetence that has cost the tax payers millions of dollars and has endangered the lives of multiple law enforcement officers in the Southwest?

If he's lying about what he is saying and trying to get Hope McCallister to say something - I think he's a jerk for that too.

All he had to do was prove his compliance with BATFE requests and express his unwillingness to do so, and his doubts about the operation, but the tapes are way beyond that.

Either Howard is expressing what he really thinks - and I think he's an ass, or he's putting on some sort of show to trap Agent McCallister and I think he's an ass if he's doing that.

Either way - I think he's an ass.
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