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Originally Posted by kraigwy
There isn't a whole lot of difference between the two as long as they are both shot out of Model 70 Winchesters
HA! You love your Model 70's don't you? I snorted coffee thru my nose when I read that.

Originally Posted by jakeLC
This is a common question but one that i like seeing because of all the calibers that i cant use being from Indiana.
Yeah, it is a common question and one that's been debated around campfires since man learned to hunt.

I've killed deer with BP rifles, shotguns, centerfire rifles of every stripe. This year it's going to be the .308, simply because I picked up a couple of .308s this summer as grandkid rifles and I can't pass them down unless I make sure that they work properly. It wouldn't be fair to the young'uns. I also intend to make meat with a .45-70 this year. I don't know how I've gotten this far in my madness without trying that caliber.
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