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I wonder if it would be feasible to use 000 buck (.360) as a projectile in a .35 caliber rifle with a 1:10 twist bore, for low velocity short range work...... any opinions?
I use Hornaday 31 caliber roundballs in my 32 S&W & .360 diameter round balls in my 38 S&W & they work well at those pistol velocities... generally however lead balls are soft & probably not the best for even light rifle loads... but that doesn't mean they could not be cast out of harder alloys & work just fine... I get very good close range accuracy out of my 32 & 38 round ball loads, so if the ball diameter is correct for the barrel, & cast of a hard enough alloy so as not to deform beyond stability, I'd think they would be fine for small game in a rifle

however along the same lines if you could find a pistol bullet ( such as in 358 or ??? calibers ) it could also be made to work for small game
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