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Think I think I got the wrong dies for my progressive press

Hello anyone familiar with redding dies? Recently I purchased a deluxe die set for .223 these are type A dies. The problem is that the seater die seats and crimps in one operation, however i have a dillon xl650 press and from what i can tell i need to have a seater, and a separate crimp die in my last station. Any suggestions? I feel like i'm out some money on the dies as they will not work correctly in my press, I don't think they were meant for progressives. My set came with a full length sizer, a neck sizer and a seating die. I think the only thing that will work correctly will be the full length sizer.

Anyone able to help with the correct die set-up? I really like redding dies but have a hard time figuring out their parts.

I'm just setting up my press to reload rifle for the first time, i've got lots of experience loading pistol but pretty new to rifle loads.

Any help would be great!
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