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Originally Posted by C0untZer0 View Post
there is no recovery program like athletes go through in the NFL after ACL surgery or something. I'm not going to get back to some 95% number of what I was...

Bingo...threw my knee out while I was in the academy. But not while doing anything for the academy, playing football with my buddies. ACL and meniscus. Did a hybrid knee reconstruction with Dr. John Uribe the surgeon for the UM football players. The Police Department told me to come back after 1 year with clearance from my surgeon. Took 1 year out...muscle atrophy in my right quad due to the surgery failed to provide my clearance. So I worked out a year straight. Gained 20lbs of solid muscle. With supplements and the whole 9 yards...Now the Police department are no longer sponsoring for the academy. So no one to run me through again. I need 6k out of pocket. I quit goju ryu karate and other stuff (not my gun addiction of course) and I'm currently working a crappy job. And have since lost all that muscle weight I gained.

Lemme tell you, when I was benching 250lbs...I could shoot 1,000 rounds of ammo from my handguns and not even take a break.

Physical fitness is a must. Technique is amazing. But only goes so far.

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