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In the tape recoding at CBS, Agent Hope MacAlister and the gun dealer talk about a possible investigation in the Senate. The gun dealer tells the agent to "stay off the screen." Then, MacAlister makes an interesting slip:

Dealer: Hope, stay off the screen. You don' t need this sh--. Neither does your husband.

Agent: Believe me I have...

Dealer: You gotta have a f-----g life man.

Agent: I have a file and...

Dealer: shhh

Agent: It's all, it's all public stuff I dont' care.

Dealer: Well don't even convey it in that. I'm sure you do. Hopefully this thing will subside...

Listening to the recording, it sounds to me as if MacAlister might have realized she said something she shouldn't have about keeping a file and then added the comment about it being "all public stuff." Hard to say for sure but I would be looking for that file if I were investigating the matter.
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