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Oh but there is a bit of news. CBS News: Secret recordings raise new questions in ATF 'Gunwalker' operation.

Originally Posted by gc70
publius42: I hesitate to go further in this thread lest I cross the line of advancing a conspiracy theory, but feel free to PM me for more thoughts.
Under most circumstances, conspiracy theories are just that. A theory that generally isn't true (at least, that has been most of our experience, here at TFL).

Even I waited until there was some evidence that Something was going on, before I broached the subject. I did that with as much real data as I could, and even then, I wasn't sure that this whole thing wasn't some cockamamie gambit.

I think we've gone beyond the "theory" aspect. We have a bonafide conspiracy. It also appears that we have a cover-up in progress (see the link above to substantiate at least part of that statement).

Speculation as to the "why" is a valid part of the topic. Nobody has a lock on that aspect, that I know of.

ETA: Dang! CBS News Releases more recordings: ATF Fast and Furious secret audio recordings.

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