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...if so, it was a plan befitting a high school kid.
Yep. I'm still having two problems with all this:
  1. How can individuals with that much government power and authority be dumb enough to cook up such a lame-brained scheme?
  2. What are we overlooking?
The Watergate burglary was intelligible all along: steal information, then lie about it after being caught red-handed. Stupid? Yes, but none of it staggered the imagination.

The BATFE's and other agencies' scheme to let criminals buy lots of guns and send them to Mexico is both stupid and incredibly—in the literal sense of not being believable—illogical. Cook up fake statistics to agitate for more Marxist so-called "gun control?" That's approximately intelligible, although it obviously would have been considerably simpler to come up with fake numbers. How hard would it be to gin up a fake "analysis?"

So far, it's awfully dumb, but comprehensible. Now we come to involving FFLs, lots of BATFE people and apparently people from other agencies, probably including the State Department, and real guns being handed to real criminals and carted across the border into another country. That's not just stupid or even monumentally stupid, but waaaaay beyond monumentally stupid.

Is something missing?
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