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I'll take a stab...

as a handloader with a cabinet full of powder, & both lead & jacketed bullets, any gun with enough power to do your heavy work can be loaded down with a cast bullet & a powder like Trailboss & not totally destroy smaller game

so the O.P. mentioned 3 gun... 458 SOCOM would probably be workable in an AR type platform

35 Remington, 375 Winchester, 444 Marlin, 45-70 & 450 Marlin could all be made to work with loads from light Trailboss & cast bullets to heavy tough bullets & hot loads of H-322 or similar... heck there are lots more in the obscure area... 38-55, 40-65 etc...

6.5 X 55, 7 X 57 8mm etc etc. would also work in the bolt action type rifles loaded down with cast

I think I even have a light cast load, I've been meaning to try in my 375 H&H... might be a bit over kill for bunnys & squirrels, but could work in a pinch...
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