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Quote by dahermit

The late Richard (Rich) Pedersen of the former Ludington, MI Pedersen's Gun Shop (and father of well-known gun engraver, Rex Pedersen), only used a .243 Winchester for all his rifle shooting and hunting including Canadian moose. He stated that he had no problems killing anything with it. Rich was know for his lightweight a very beautiful custom rifles that he produced in his shop. He was one of those who considered the .243 the perfect all-around round for hunting.
I have to agree with that one....excepting I'd want a DPMS (AR10 style) barreled in .243. (I have one in .308, but .243 would be a better round for smaller targets.)

That wouldn't be my ideal for moose and bear, but it could do the job...especially if you have 20 quick rounds to follow up with.

About bears: This weeks news has the tragic story about two hunters who wounded a Grizzly thinking it was a black bear....they tracked the wounded animal and one paid for it with his life. I have no idea about what guns, bullets, calibers used, or where the Griz was hit.....but....damn....whatever you shoot, you'd best know your business.

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