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Looking at the graph in Unclenicks post #2 it's obvious that in bottlenecked rifle cartridges, the deeper you seat bullets (farther from the lands) the LESS pressure and velocity you will get. Yes, the low point for pressure was a full 1/4" off the lands, and even when pressure started rising again because the powder space was considerably lessened, the pressure didn't get back to the maximum at even 1/2" off the lands. Nobody I know or have even ever heard of loads bullets this far from the lands.

Straight walled pistol cartridges are the exact opposite. Every increment the bullet is seated deeper in the case ADDS to pressure and velocity.

Therefore, the safe and effective way to load for rifle cartridges is to seat at maximum length (for throat and magazine box) until safe maximum pressure is reached, and then seat bullets deeper until the accuracy sweet spot is found. You may lose 25 fps or so, but if the load is more accurate, you're still better off.
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