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Never seen any detrimental effects of supplemental feeding on our place. Nothing but positives. I have also spoken to many people in other states where it has been legal to do even during season and they have witnessed no more problems health wise than the states that restrict it. I think state biologists in states where baiting during season is illegal bend over back wards to try and find something negative to say about it. Sort of towing the party line so to speak.

As for this

I have had some (well, more than that) experiences with deer feeding turning into deer baiting, of innocent hunters stumbling into areas that were baited unawares, etc, etc.
We stop a little over two weeks prior to season as the law requires if you intend to hunt the area. As for innocent hunters stumbling in we own our land, thousands of acres of it. So even if we did not pull our feeders (which are kept on the interior aspect of our land) anyone stumbling in as you put it would be trespassing by a helluva distance and therefore hardly innocent.

We "care" for out lease/game by habitat mods, food plots,
As I said we obey the law and do not hunt over corn. We also plant 14 green patches on our land ever year. But I will tell you honestly I do not see the moral or ethical difference. A green patch is bait artificially placed in a specific location to lure game into shooting range. So is a corn feeder in the states where they are legal during season. Now I obey that law because I don't want the fine, loss of my hunting privileges and possibly my nursing license. (I'm a medical surgical RN). But there is no moral difference and anyone who thinks so is just drinking the kool-aide.
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