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Originally Posted by The Rockin'Aussie
Crate ... I'll bite, what do you think the flash hiders purpose is supposed to be on a Jungle Carbine? I'm going to say it was expressly for the purpose of protecting the vision of the shooter ... to curtail blinding by way of the exit flash from the muzzle.
It's for the shooters vision, that reply was to Jim's comment.
So a No. 5 taught me that the primary purpose of a flash hider is to hide the flash from the shooter, not from the enemy.

Originally Posted by adrians
MADCRATEBUILDER , i wish i would have seen your peep on e-bay i would have given / bid more to get that sight,,,,.
oh well ,ships in the night .
Drop me a PM, I may have something you would like. I still have some Redfield and Williams backsights for the No4's.
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