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Tackling an active shooter? I ain't Hussein there is little chance I am going to have the speed to actually take someone down from anything outside of what would be considered h2h distance anyway. If he is inside of 6 feet and I have the drop and I am not carrying I am going to use WHATEVER is at my disposal to kill him, pocket knife, pen, bottle, or simply hoping I can get the gun out of his hands and use my Jiu Jitsu to get to any form of hold I can.

This ACTUALLY brings another discussion that I think I will start another thread about WHEN to draw your weapon. I think it will be a similar answer to this one: one do YOU deem it the right time to strike? But I digress to the tackling.

If I am FORCED to take on an active shooter and he is trying to execute me or he is within ANY form of distance that I can actually consider an attemptable distance I am going to do my best to kill him or disable him to an extent that he CANNOT physically fight back...because if he is still capable of moving he will probably try to harm someone else.
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