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6mm 250 questions

every now and then i find that i have exhausted all the local excisable knowledge, but thankfully i can then return to the F/line for expert advice.
a 6mm 250 is available at a local dealer. the dealer showed me a target on which the rifle shot 5 shots all touching each other at a distance of 200 yards. he said I can accompany him to the range and if the rifle does not duplicate that, or close enough to that, i can walk away from the deal.

the rifle has n sako action with a Hart 27,5 inch s/steel barrel. if i buy it it will get a suppressor. i will use it for jackal calling as well as all local game that fall into the 243/6mm allowed specs. it will also do duty on the range as a competition rifle in the local Hunting rifle comps.

the rifle comes with Redding die set as well as 200 cartridges.

what i do not know and hope the members here can help me with:

-bullet weights and velocity
-opinion on the Hart barrel
-general thoughts on the caliber

the price including the die set and brass are about the same as n new Rem 243. (for comparison only, I dont intend buying 243)

thank you
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