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Returning to the topic of self defense, is it possible for a mistaken identity of a grizzly that then ended in an attack when tracking the wounded bear an instance of self defense?

Most mistaken identity cases are eventually forgiven. This case did end up a self defense shooting even though the first shot was in error. I will be interested to see how the state and Feds rule in this case since all of the shots into this bear in the second encounter were actually defensive shots. I am quite interested in what caliber rifles that they used in this hunt. Obviously, the grizzly took several hits before it went down. that just highlights how dangerous these bears really are and how luck Jeremy Hill was to be able to kill it with a .243.

A 39-year-old hunter killed by a wounded grizzly bear yelled out to draw the 400-pound male bear toward him in an effort to keep it from attacking his young hunting partner, the man's family said.

"They both shot it and it kept coming," Steve Stevenson's mom, Janet Price, said on Saturday. "Steve yelled at it to try and distract it, and it swung around and took him down. It's what my son would have done automatically, for anybody."

The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office in Montana said Stevenson, of Winnemucca, Nev., died Friday after 20-year-old Ty Bell wounded what he thought was a black bear and the two men tracked it into thick cover along the Idaho-Montana border where it attacked at about 10 a.m. Friday.
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