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Im interested to find out what a 0.010" difference would make in velocity atleast.
This is nothing personal, but who cares?? Unless you are loading for long range HUNTING. Speed means nothing it is just a unit of measure (one you can use to see if your are close to a published load, and even then not really since they are using a universal barrel and not a rifle or at least not your rifle and same lenght.)

There are two schools of thought, the first is to load that cartage to the max and hope the bullet reaches the animal before it knows it is dead. The scecond is accurate shot placement and small groups.

If you are shooting for groups (target) you will want to finesse the bullet to just the perfect sweet spot of your rifle. (correct speed, OAL, rifle twist and bullet weight and length and amount of powder.)

My rifles require a jump to the lands, this is generally 0.050 from the max OAL for the chamber. I use a Hornady LNL OAL gauge and the bullet I will be loading for to find out what is that MAX OAL (FOR MY RIFLE, IT WILL BE DIFERENT ON YOURS.) Then I back off that Max OAL by 0.050 inch for the OAL and usually start 0.50 to 0.80 grains under the Max and work up my load by 0.20 (2 tenths of a grain) grain. Most accurate loads tend to be 0.50 to 0.40 grains under max (for my rifle).

This works for me and I do not worry about the speed out the barrel, but how the load groups on the target.

Just my 5 1/2 cents.
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