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270 WSM won't chamber

Okay, I'm not brand new to this but definitely no expert. I have been having trouble getting 2 different rifles chambered in 270 WSM to chamber an empty round after I resize them. Well, I finally figured out I needed to get my die lower and took off just a miniscule amount from the shellholder. Bingo, empty cases chamber beautifully!

Now, I finished the rounds and they are very difficult to get the bolt closed. My manual said that WSMs may need to have the bullet seated lower than standard actions, so I did that. I got into trouble before by crushing the shoulder by trying to go deeper. Since I backed the die out considerably and lowered the seating part I didn't have that problem. However, the deeper seat didn't completely fix the problem. Some rounds work great, many are stiff, and some won't chamber at all.

The manual says max length is like 2.860 and I have them as short as 2.300. This seems like a lot to me as I can't even see the cannelure anymore. Should I continue to go deeper?

I checked some factory loads and they are a touch longer so I'm thinking it must be something other than cartridge length.
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