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Hello, Josh. That is a pretty old rifle you have there. If it were mine, I would work up slow from start loads and quite at the point I acheived accuracy..well under any maximum load. What is to gain with more velocity? The steel used, and it's heat treatment were not up to a Mod. 98standard...Just think how bad you would feel if a primer or case let go..and the escaping gas happened to crack the stock?...Or WORSE!
Are you planning on hunting with it? It sure doesn't take alot of foot lbs. to punch a hole in target paper!
Any more, I am using cast bullets in my vintage, gentler to bore & action..and shoulder! Plus it's FUN! I can sometimes get better accuracy by fine tuning bullet fit with a cast lead bullet than with jacketed.
Best of luck..and respect the age of these old timers.
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