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After reading numerous posts in various forums including magazines, the term "SAFE ROOM" is often utilized to identify a place to retreat to, when BGs are trying to get in your home. I tried the search feature, but could not find where this was covered completely. I am building a new house. A 2500 sq ft Cape Cod with a full basement. Master Bedroom on the first floor. Two Bedrooms Upstairs where kids will sleep. I can make a small room 6X6 upstairs if necessary which will double as a closet. I can dedicate a room in the basement for such an application.
I live in a community with a Police Force. It is a safe community. So threats are not likely, but you never know. I am in city politics. I mention the above, only that as a person in a leadership role, sometimes your target status increases somewhat. I am not worried, just being prudent.
My questions.

a. What is an accurate definition for a safe room?
b. Where is the best place to locate them?
c. Is it wise to have multiple safe rooms (one per level)? Iekids when you are upstairs and the alarm goes off, and its not a fire, go to the (upstairs saferoom). If on the first level, go to the basement.
d. Should the safe room be armored in some way?
e. Is it desirable to have a window in the safe room for sneaking a peek, throwing a house key to the ariving Police so they can search the house, while you stay secure with the family, and for exiting if necessary?
f. It seems the saferoom should be wired with a land line phone link, and I know that a cell phone provides greater reliance, is there anything special the saferoom should have that I am overlooking?
G. It seems that the saferoom should overlook entrances, doors, stairs, etc, how important is this?

Any referal to some web link which covers this would be welcome.

Thanks for your assistance.

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