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Nice photos, Sarge.

The Speedgoat is a giant pulmonary and circulatory system propelled by some sinewy legs and nourished by a smallish gut ...... the whole point of which is to enable the animal to be propelled at speeds that will wreck a 4WD vehichle if it attempts to follow it across it's native terrain..... The trick is to poke a hole, any hole, in those giant lungs before the running begins. The animals' giant eyes make getting close enough to do that ....... problematic.
Antelope have one of the most forgiving "butter zones" of all North American game (in my opinion). But... it comes at a price. The small amount of large muscles on the animal means that hitting a shoulder is a terrible waste. Taking out both shoulders, is worse than throwing away an entire hind quarter.

As for getting close... It's a lot of fun.
The animals react differently, every year. So, I have to read them for a day, or two, before I feel I can make a successful stalk.

But... We hunt in the same place, every year. As such, we have learned the basic grazing patterns and natural funnels of the area. The goats never seem to deviate from their inherited patterns. Since our camp is almost perfectly centered in a set of water holes (ranging from a natural spring, to a cattle trough, to natural low spots) that approximately form a six pointed star, we get a lot of grazing traffic, and have a great view from "our" hill.
"Such is the strange way that man works -- first he virtually destroys a species and then does everything in his power to restore it."
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