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+1 Duke's Sport Shop in PA

I found the shop on my way back and forth from New Castle to Pittsburgh on 422. I stopped in just to browse and see what there was. What I found was a very pleasant staff that was honest, to the point, didn't give any BS, and was very fair. I asked about various handguns that I was interested in and was given advice on personal experience and what feedback customers had given on those guns. Mike, one of the guys there, even let me try out his S&W M&P45c to get a feel for it firsthand.

Later I would bring in my current handgun to be priced and what the best way of selling it would be. They gave me what they thought would be a fair price and immediately said that my best bet would be a personal sale and why. As a shop they would give me less in order to make a profit, but they were happy to help out in how I could sell it locally on my own and how, and if I found no one else and still wanted to sell it, they'd be more than happy to buy it. They were very honest in what the best way for me would be to get the most profit regardless of how it affected them.

I went in yesterday after ordering a speedloader through them. They got it as fast as it would ship, and gave me a significantly lower price than what the sticker had. Wes, another one of the guys there, said he couldn't justify selling it at the sticker price, and wasn't about to rip me off.

Overall there's an outstanding crew there with fair prices and some of the best customer service I could ask for.
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